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| 2013.04.23 Tuesday | - | - |

No manners, damn rude to the extreme!
Seriously, all the uncles no manners and damn rude to the extreme! Is not their Delivery Order, they open and see other's people DO. They don't have the manners at all! Fcuk!!!!

| 2013.04.01 Monday | - | comments(0) |

Irresponsible foreign workers!
What an irresponsible foreign worker I ever seen. Lots of people told us that he won't be coming back anymore and deep in our heart, we knew that he won't be coming back. Why? First, his bicycle was gone. If he really wants to come back and renew his permit, there's no reason why the bicycle went missing. Outcome was very obviously right now. Secondly, his phone bill $1k plus for last month. Just imagine that. Even another foreign worker also knew need to buy hi-card etc. He didn't at all and went back for two weeks. And two weeks has up. 

Before going back to his hometown, said until like that he wants to renew and still want to continue to work here. If you don't want to come back, at least make an effort to call back or inform us! Don't make us feel that we're hanging in the middle of the air. By this Thursday, no news from you again, we're going to terminate your permit even though your permit is end of this month over. 

| 2013.03.19 Tuesday | - | comments(0) |

Received a pretty sad news on Wednesday, which is my taxation lecturer's dad passed away in the morning. Well, his dad suffered heart attack and after that became vegetable. Pretty sad to hear this. And the lecture on 18th March have to cancel. This made many of them in class was pretty upset and angry. But, this kind of thing is not beyond our control and unpredictable also. He also don't want this to happen. Hope they'll be more understanding and considerate. I know how my lecturer felt. 

To my taxation lecturer: Sir, deep condolences to you and your family. 

And... I've not done finished my school homework for my management accounting yet! Tomorrow having management accounting for the whole day. Yesterday went to SIM to get my management accounting book which costs me about 67 bucks. Luckily, is not 100+ bucks, if not, I'd not buy. Planning to go flyer tomorrow after class, but it was postponed due to falling sick. :( Was shivering for the whole day yesterday. Feel feverish too! Hate falling sick!!

| 2013.03.01 Friday | - | comments(0) |

Yesterday, I saw his mom in the train while was on the way back home. She seemed can't recognize me, well... It's doesn't matter for now. It reminds me of the pain, the memories, betrayed that he brought to me. I'd never forget all these and will remains deeply inside my heart. The scars will be there forever till my very last breath. Got to thank to Irene Hoo! Without her, I won't be knowing him and won't even fall in love with him and won't become part of his substitute. 

Whatever it is, I won't forgive him and as well, for her. I will continue to hate her for introducing him to me. 

| 2013.02.27 Wednesday | - | comments(0) |

Case study..
Just started my main modules not long ago (2 days ago). Taxation and Management Accounting would be my first term in University. The very first module which is, Taxation book was very very heavy! Have to bring it to lecture on the day itself. The lecturer was really really active, and seemed like not tired! His reaction seemed like a kid and even said that he's 25 years old this year with 3 kids. 19 years of experiences in taxation. And 5 years old knew about tax. With this part of sentence, I knew he's just joking with us about his age. Anyway, it is not a formal lecture now, or rather is a study skill unit instead! The assignment would be due on June. Meaning, I got more time to do my assignment! All the assignments will be individual. >,< 

Stressful and... Management Accounting is a really really BIG killer among the whole course! And the higher failures in this module. >,< 

| 2013.02.21 Thursday | - | comments(0) |

Somehow kinda irritating and annoying for the past two days. What a stalker are you. Obviously you knew the outcomes that why do I unfriend you, yet you still come and ask me what's the reason. I got this godma like you or not, no much difference. First, when my ah ma passed away, did you ever come and concern me as a godma? I'm your god-daughter, you should have some concern. Who knows you're those bo chap type. I still remember you told me that when you're in hospitalization, ET never come and concern you and said he's a bo chap person. End up? You're the one who is bo chap. The kettle is calling the pot! When you wanted to say or criticize on someone, please think yourself before you criticize. Secondly, when your birthday, how come can you said "What kind of god-daughter are you?" Hello!! Please think how you treated your OWN god-daughter before saying me. Lastly, do you know why I wanted to keep a distance from you? Whenever I saw you, it's remind me of him. Without knowing him, I won't be in that kind of state. All thank to you! Is all your fault. Happy come and find me, if not, you are totally just hack care about this god-daughter. What kind of godma are you! Think before you criticize people! No wonder your two sons can't be bother to communicate with you! From now on, you're not my godma anymore. And I'm not your god-daughter.  

Am going to draw the line very clearly! 

| 2013.02.18 Monday | - | comments(0) |

New lappy
Last Saturday, I just bought a new lappy, which was Sony Vaio. In the first place, I wanted to get a Fujitsu in pink! But, they do not sell this brand in Courts. End up, I get this! Thank God that my boyfriend came and picked me up and headed to Courts together. With him around, I would definitely feel very safe. He also helped me to carry my laptop all the way to his car and even helped me to set up everything nicely for me! Thanks dear! 

And I feel pretty stressed over my two assignments which going to due date soon! Is really tough than what I really expected! But, I would able to use my own words or rephrased that sentence. However, no matter how I rephrased that sentence or using my words, the feeling that gave me is like still copying from the Internet. Even my classmate had the same difficulties as me. Thought I'd able to submit to United Kingdom by this coming Friday. But, I shall submit on Saturday instead! Unless there's any last minute changes!

Struggling like hell, stressed to the max! Before Chinese New Year. No mood for Chinese New Year or getting clothing. Right now, all I only can think of, ASSIGNMENT! What am I going to write, or thinking how to write? Or rather, how am I going to rephrase it so that United Kingdom over there don't have the feeling that I'm copying from the Internet! 

Alrighty! Right now, 12:01am. I shall struggle my assignment right now! 

Good night! 

| 2013.01.31 Thursday | - | comments(0) |

Feel kinda stressful ever since I started my degree course. It is not as easy as diploma course! Assessments is the most headache of all the course, which I pretty disliked about it. But no choice, I've do it. Hardly to think of what to write or how to start off. Pretty stressful. Sigh!

| 2013.01.17 Thursday | - | comments(0) |

What are friends about?
Sometimes was wondering what are friends about? In this world, it is really easy to find "fake" friends than true friends!

Was kinda pissed off with one of my bitchy friend! Knew her since primary school till now. Didn't contact with her since graduated from secondary school. Is my own choice who am I going to delete in the friend list. She don't have the right to control me or yelled at me that why am I didn't delete from friend list. Is my choice whether should I deleted or not. She still have the cheek to say "What kind of friend I am man?" Common on lar, after graduated from secondary school, how many times we meet up, how many times we contact each other? So... You don't have the right to bother why am I deleting you from friend list! Stop yelling at me for no reason or rather saying such words to me!

Once I deleted, you should know what the meaning of that! And why still bother come and add me? Just because you wanted to increase the number of friends list? Stupidity!

| 2013.01.11 Friday | - | comments(0) |

One more month to Bangkok
One more month to Bangkok! Pretty excited, I guess.

I just started my degree courses a few days ago. There were two assignments which have to complete, but of course, there isn't any examination! One of the assignment was about financial report and another will be job portfolio. Well, I pretty disliked doing financial report which have to analysis it! Also have to present the whole class in one of the assignment, this is what I really disliked! You may think I'm those anti-social type! Yes, I am one of them. Speaking is my weakness as when I talked kinda soft! >,< Tomorrow will be having lecture, for the whole day!! Luckily, not every Saturday, else I'm going to be dead! Real dead.

I think I shall start doing my assignment after tomorrow! For now... Time to watch my Yuru Yuri!! :D

| 2013.01.11 Friday | - | comments(0) |